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These are a few jewelry designs of my own that I’ve been working on. Most of them are made in Silver or Gold with a combination of different types of stones, diamonds, sapphires, pearl, zircon, etc. All of them are modeled in Rhino and Rhinogold and rendered in V-ray, then 3d printed.

I’ve been working in the jewelry bussiness the past 8 years and in that time I have gained experience on engineering, design and marketing. This gave me the oportunity to work as a freelance designer and nowadays all of my clients have a solution to their demands with a rigorous time of delivery and the satisfaction to have the highest quality jewelry pieces. You can visit my bussiness site at www.nhjoyeria.com if you like.

Industrial Design – Jewelry
Designer in Chief
2009 / Present

Nh process

Borboleta Variant

Ratán ring.




Wedding ring


Blue topaz ring

Heart shape ring. Diamonds. White gold & yellow gold. (Heartbreaker)