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These are a few jewelry designs of my own that I’ve been working on. Most of them are made in Silver or Gold with a combination of different types of stones like diamonds, sapphires, pearls, zircon, etc. All of them are modeled in Rhino and Rhinogold and rendered in V-ray or Keyshot and then 3d printed.

I’ve been working in the jewelry bussiness the past 9 years, in this time I’ve gained experience on engineering, design and marketing. First, this gave me the opportunity to work as a freelance designer and nowadays with a brand of my own, my costumers have solutions to their demands with a rigorous delivery time with FedEx and also, the satisfaction to have the highest quality jewelry pieces above the average here in CDMX. You can visit my bussiness site at www.nhjoyeria.com if you like, we’re eager & we’ll be happy to have you as a costumer.

Industrial Design – Jewelry
Designer in Chief
2009 / Present

Nh process

Borboleta Variant

Ratán ring.




Wedding ring


Blue topaz ring

Heart shape ring. Diamonds. White gold & yellow gold. (Heartbreaker)